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Active Knowledge Modelling!

Active Knowledge Modelling (AKM)

is an innovative way to capture and use enterprise knowledge from practical work.
AKM models have positive effects on cyclic design and operations, productivity, safety, reuse, collaboration and learning.
AKM has matured for more than a decade. Modern open-source web technology has now reached a technical level that enables cost efficient large scale usage.

The AKM novelty comes from how relationships between roles, tasks and information are captured and presented to the users in the form of interactive and visual workspaces that support collaboration between roles in a distributed work environment. The effects from deploying AKM based solutions are many. Firstly roles and their workspaces can be designed to share critical views securing a shared situational awareness. I.e. supporting design parameter balancing, and that task execution is in line with applicable regulations and policies. Secondly, task execution might create new tasks for other roles, and as such AKM makes collaboration more transparent, effective and precise, with direct impact on safety and security.

The AKM Modeller Tool

AKM Modeller is the tool for building Active Knowledge Models, a modeling tool with integrated Use-case Modeling and Meta-modelling capabilities.

With IRTV we can easily model new product structures, such as self-configurable components, systems and product families. This is supported by top-down as well as bottom-up workspace designed processes and role-oriented workspaces. The AKM Modeller can enhance the design and operation of Products, Organizations, Processes and Systems (POPS) by adding new concepts, properties, tasks,and work enhancing views.

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KAVCA Industrial Innovation Projects:

The KAVCA Industrial Innovation projects go back to the AKM AS strategic planning project in 2007. The long-term visions and targets were Cyclic Design and Operation of product and process components supporting Holistic Design of projects, Roles and Workspaces and Collaboration Spaces. AKM AS was taken over by Commitment AS in 2008, but digitalization and web-based methods for desired platform solutions were still missing. Customer design and collaboration capabilities and cyclic design methods were still unsolved challenges. Web-based platform capabilities for networked collaboration were still a void.

AKM Future :


will focus on delivering a core AKM Platform and generic methods and workplaces for building design teams for initial high priority and innovation of convincing use-cases and project outcomes. Design modelling of key roles and their workspaces, as illustrated in the picture below, is now the focus of most industrial customers and their suppliers. This is particularly important for SMEs as the costs and efforts to become a preferred supplier are reduced to less than 10% of what it was.

KAVCA will partner with leading customers and service providers in industry and public sectors in order to develop sector-specific AKM platforms and models. The customer and KAVCA will agree on partners for supporting, maintaining and operating the sector-specific platforms and developing services.


• 2018 Blue Sky Accellerator Project for Equinor.
• 2017 NTNU Student project.
• 2008 Model-based Adaptive Product and Process Engineering (MAPPER).


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